Goals 2013

Every year I come up with several goals that I personally want to achieve through out the year.  Some take on professional and some personal, however usually they are loose ideas that are usually not very comprehensive.  Sometimes they are big sometimes they are small.  Most are along the lines of self development or physical achievement.  This is my list for the year.  I expect them to change as I move through the year.  I invite any comments.

Personal Goals

  • Integrate bicycling to be my primary means of transport.

Note:  I think this one will be my hardest goal, as rain is my deal-breaker.  It will be tough to overcome that.

Note:  This goal will have to have several smaller goals attached that will come with the planning.

  •  Learn to utilize, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to better/effectively communicate.

– Write 26 posts through out the year for my WordPress Blog.

  •  Learn conversational Dutch.

Note:  It took me years to learn enough German to feel comfortable.  Maybe I can  I can speed up the process.

  •  Learn about the history and culture of the region of the Netherlands I am living in.



  • Return to civil service somewhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany.  Specifically, continue with my career.

Background: In August 2012, I went on LWOP (leave without pay) from my civil service position to follow my wife to her new assignment at the DoD Elementary       School at AFNORTH.

  •  Identify skill-sets and ideas that are marketable through self employment.

Note:  This is very loose.  I want to to be able to have a position, career, self-employment that is not geography centered, so it is portable enough to follow my wife through her assignments.

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