Heller Route or Hellerrondje

On Sunday, a nice warm day (40 F), my wife and I decided to try out a hiking route, the Hellerrondje, that starts about a mile from our house and goes for about two miles, making it about a four mile hike from our house.  The hike was relatively easy.  The only difficulty was the sheer amount of mud along the route.  My wife put her trekking poles to good use traversing the some of the muddier points.

The route wound through farm, field, orchard and forest and followed the Platsbeek (Flat Brook).   The scenery even through the light fog was great.  There were several small stone/iron crosses along the way.  Even though we were not far from civilization the route isolated us, which is amazing. In this area no town is further than a mile away from any other town.

I discovered the route through a site http://www.natuurmonumenten.nl, which lists hiking and biking trails as well as canoe routes in the Netherlands.  The routes are searchable by type, location and distance with pull down menus, which makes its it easy to use.  Google Translate works well on the site, so I had no problems with understanding. Each route has a PDF that can be downloaded with a map of the route and points of interest along the way.  Points of interest include things like monuments, natural features and local products.

The real advantage is that it is a site for the Dutch people so it does not necessarily follow the well worn routes for tourists.  This advantage for me will give a good guide to experiencing the country the way the local population would.



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6 responses to “Heller Route or Hellerrondje”

  1. Hank says :

    Well done and itch you beautiful wife nonetheless. She gets bonus points for having great fashion scents on a muddy trek and you get bonus points for having her.

    • Hank says :

      Take 2: please forgive IPad spelling…
      Well done and with your beautiful wife nonetheless. She gets bonus points for having great fashion sense on a muddy trek and you get bonus points for having her.

      • baileyaj says :

        Thanks. I would like it to get a bit warmer so I can taking her out on a bicycle again. She has already been shopping for new bicycle clothes.

      • Crystal says :

        Thanks Hank! Though it was a death march, it was a lot of fun. Anytime I can spend with Andy Bailey is fun for me. I can’t wait to go on our first bicycle ride this year. I love doing that with Andy. Yes, I am looking for new bike clothes. Andy always looks so cool in his bike clothes.

  2. Katie says :

    How great!! I wish I had something like that near my house!! I miss Europe!!!!!
    Glad you’re like the Neatherlands!! It’s hard moving, but it seems you’ve certainly adjusted!! Loved the Christmas card!! Neat house!! Take care!

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