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The Bike Race

About a week ago, we received a letter from the local government.  The letter was a notification of road closures for a bicycle race.  That was the best I could do with my German skills reading Dutch.  Crystal and I went down to the local tourist office in Valkenburg to ask about the bike race.  We learned it was the UCI Road World Championships and that the time trials would be going through our town on Sunday 16 Sept.

The lady at the tourist office gave us a copy of the route map, thankfully it was in English and Dutch.

Sunday, Crystal and I decided it would be fun to go watch it.  I used the route map we got last week Imageto figure out that the bike path leading from our house intersects the course about a 1/2 mile outside of town.  We decided that we would go see the women race.  Neither of us ever having been to a race we were not sure what to expect.  We weren’t sure if the roads would be packed with spectators or what.  We even thought maybe that we would get out there and the racers  would come by and 15 seconds later its over.

We were presently surprised.  We later learned that it was the team time trials. About every four minutes a group of 4-6 women would pedal by with a police escort.  There were several vehicles following them with loud speakers.  While I couldn’t understand what they were saying it sound like a coach telling the women times and general motivation and directions.

The women were pedaling incredibly fast.  Image From where we could first see a team, they were upon us in seconds and gone.  Actually it was cool to watch.

Later I learned that on the Women’s Specialized team were two American women.  In fact the only two American women competing, Evelyn Stevens ad Amber Neben.  Both were also in the 2012 Olympics.  The Specialized team won the event with a time of 46 mm 31.63 ss with and average speed of 41.1 KM/H.  The course was 34.2 KM. Unfortunately they were the last team to go by so I did not get any pictures as I was trying the HD Video setting on my Canon Camera.   Instead I got about 10 seconds of the women flying by!



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