Netherlands Update

It has been a busy week two weeks since my last post.

I have been primarily focused on getting the house settled in.  I think we are at about 90% unpacked and about 75% with furniture and stuff in the right places.

Good News.  Yesterday we got TV/Internet/Telephone.  I am not sure of the equivalent in the States but it all comes in over the telephone lines.  It is pretty good.  The internet is at least five times faster than what I was able to get in the Oberpfalz, Germany.  Television is international with a bunch of English Channels including BBC channels, Discovery, History, CNN and HBO.  Surprisingly the Dutch channels are made up of American programming with Dutch subtitles.

Bicycling.  I made two trips into a nearby town “Sittard” about five miles away.  I think it is one of the larger towns in the area, but I am not sure.    The market in the town is pretty incredible.  It is jammed packed with all sorts of temporary stands, trailers and the like.   I saw butcher stands, flowers, cheese, bakers.. It took up the entire market square and the roads leading to the square radiating 1-2 blocks in each direction.  It is kind of like Pike Street Market in Seattle on steroids.

A couple of pictures of the Sittard Market:

Image Image


I couldn’t help but get hungry and thirsty while I walked through.

The market area is a pedestrian zone with paid parking on the edge of the zone.  There was an area in the parking lot for bicycles.  It was monitored by an older gentleman who gave me a ticket (like a coat check) and I left my bike.  When I cam back I tried to pay but the man said it was free and would not take my money.  My best guess from the explanation is that the city pays for this service so the bikes stay out of the crowded market area.  Here is a picture:


Yes.  If Hank Robinson is reading this that is my ugly anti theft green bicycle in the Sittard Bike Lot.

I did get one more picture.  It is the landmark that I use to navigate visually by to get home (until I get a feel of the area).


This is the church in our small town.  I can see it for several miles.  In the bottom left of the picture is our house.  It is the the house with a tower (or so the locals call it).  My house is about two blocks away from the church.

My last piece of information… Yesterday I learned that our house lies on a long distance hiking/biking route from the southern part of the NL to the northern part it is about 400KM long.  It is called Pieterpad.  I think that will be my next major ride.  Anyone interested for Early October???

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