Day Two – Ride to the Netherlands Complete

I completed day two yesterday and was exhausted. Here is the breakdown on the stats still have problems with mapmyride uploading to Facebook.

Total Distance 80 Miles
Total Travel Time 12 Hours
Total Pedal Time 9 Hours
Total number of Thunderstorms 2
Major Hill Climbs 1
Deal Breaking Hills 5*

The ride itself was tough tough. Straight out I got poured on outside of Dettelbach. I was to far away to get back to Dettelbach and there was no cover, so I had to ride to the next town Bibergau, where I stood under a barn until the rain passed.

I met up with Otter for coffee at the Uni Cafe. It was good talking with him. I don’t think I would have made in Germany for the first years without his friendship.

I then headed toward Marktheidenfeld. A very pretty city where I had lunch. I did not stay long.

My route took me out of the river valley at Marktheidenfeld over the Spessarts. The spessarts are the huge hills that divide Wuerzburg from Aschaffenberg. While I have not measured the route yet, based on observation of the road signs I had about 10 miles of continuous unforgiving hateful hills to climb.

I usually don’t complain about hills, because there is always a payoff, but not this time. I crested the pass and I met the second thunderstorm, where I had to dive under a tree for cover. I did not even know I have crested, it was so wet, steamy, foggy…. Once the storm passed about 15 minutes, the roads are wet, so I have to take SLOW down the Spessarts. I was chapped. I got to Rohrbrunn slowly. Rohrbrunn is where the rest stops are on A3 between Wuerzburg and Aschaffenberg. At that point the roads were dry and it was a quick ride into Aschaffenberg.

I had never been to Aschaffenberg. Wow what a pretty city. If I did not have to meet the time constraints to get to Seligenstadt. I would have stayed longer.

After Aschaffenberg, It was smooth riding (except the designated bike path) along the Main river all of the way into Seligenstadt.

I learned not rely on Google Maps so much. To get to Seligenstadt, I had to cross the river. Google indicated that the bridge was serval miles beyond my route. Fortunately there was a pedestrian/bike bridge that I crossed, however I wish that I had waited as there was an old style ferry that crossed right at the city. The pictures would have been great. Oh well.

Day 3 starts soon.

* This number represents when Crystal would have me find another route



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American living overseas in the Netherlands.

One response to “Day Two – Ride to the Netherlands Complete”

  1. Juls says :

    Oh, I should have mentioned that cute ferry in Seligenstadt, sorry. I do like Aschaffenburg, too. That’s a nice area-upper Bavaria. Stay safe-Sandra Wendte would fuss at you for hanging out under a tree during a thunderstorm!!

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