Moving to the Netherlands

For everyone who does not know, Crystal and I are moving to the Netherlands.  Crystal is taking on a new challenge as the Principal of AFNORTH ES and Kleinebrogel ES.

I recently made the decision to go on LWOP so I will be transitioning out of my position and join her.  Without a job waiting for me, I am standing back up my Blog.  My intent is to describe our move to the Netherlands and our life in the Netherlands.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend Crystal and I went up to the area (Brunssum, Netherlands) to do some recon and house hunting.  We found a house and have placed a hold on it through the international housing office (yes we are moving to a NATO area).  Tomorrow, we anticipate (90%) that the American Housing Office will negotiate the contract for us.  The house is about 10 miles away from the school and about 25 minutes drive and 10 miles in the other direction to the Garrison.

For my good friends Hank and Dave…. the town where the house is (Schimmert, NL) has several cafes and a bike shop. I noticed that every main road and most secondary roads had designated bike lanes.  I think being on LWOP for a while might be a good thing with those considerations.

More to come.


PS.. Here is a picture of the house.


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American living overseas in the Netherlands.

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